Estudio Caldera, S.A., is a family business filled with traditions and deep enterprising roots. Our founder, Professor Juan Manuel Caldera Molina worked on Copyrights, Patent and Trademarks in Nicaragua since 1907, became independent in 1922 and after his demise in 1937 his son Mr. Norman Caldera Lacayo took over Industrial Property legal services until 1999. From then on, the Board of Directors has been chaired by Mr. Norman Caldera Cardenal, of the third generation. The Board of Directors is formed by two family lawyers and two members of the fourth generation. Our highly recognized name, hard work and experience have placed Estudio Caldera, S.A., in the top tier of the Intellectual Property field in the Central American Integration System (Central America, Panama, Domincan Republic and Belice).

The Company started in 1907 under a Caldera name and since 1922 it adopted the Trade Name Caldera & Cia Ltda and was made up of two branches. One was dedicated to Registration of Trademarks, Patents of Invention and Copyrights in Nicaragua. The other one was a medicine distributor, which during some of those years represented among others Pfizer, US Schering, Mead Johnson, Brystol Myers, Park Davies, Beckton-Dickinson, Whyeth Laboratories, Laboratoires Grimault, consumer products like Mennen, Black Flag, Kimberly Clark, Richardson, Vicks, and beauty products RayetteFabergé, Lady Esther, etc.

The strength of the product line made Caldera & Co., the most successful distributor of its kind in Nicaragua until the earthquake of 1972, and the subsequent fire that destroyed it. A small recovery ensued but it was thwarted by the 1979 revolution which caused uninsurable war damage to the remains of the Company.

In 1973, Mr. Norman Caldera Lacayo founded Estudio Caldera, S.A. in Managua, Nicaragua. He was the Executive Director and President of the board of directors until his demise on May 1999. Since then Mr. Norman Caldera Cardenal a BBA from The University of Texas at Austin, MBA from the Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala and an hc Juris Doctor from UCC, who returned to Nicaragua after 16 years with the World Trade Organization, UNCTAD and the Central American Common Market Secretariat and later became Minister of Trade and Industrial Development (1999-2001), Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Cooperation (2002-2007) has remained as President of the Board and CEO. To avoid conflicts of interest, day to day management was entrusted to Ms. Ana Isabel Caldera Cardenal who retired in 2011.