To protect our customers’ intellectual property by giving them a complete, diligent and transparent service; this meet their needs during the whole process.

To create in our staff a tradition of excellence, respect, cooperation, teamwork and continuous learning.

To give our shareholders the most value for their investment by continuously improving our operations and innovating to grow.

To be the leader in the nicaraguan market of intellectual property services.
  • Honesty

    We always act within the framework of transparency.

  • Loyalty

    Within a framework of professional ethics, to keep confidentiality regarding customer information; in case of conflict of interest we decline to review the subject;

  • Justice

    We give everyone in accordance with their merits and his rights.

  • Respect

    We understand and accept the inherent condition of our customers, employees and partners as human beings with rights and duties.

  • Fellowship

    We maintain the readiness for dialogue as a basis to solve different situations that may arise between customers, competitors and various members of the company.

  • Fairness

    We act with legality, justice and fairness without dealing with privilege or discrimination, both in service delivery and labor relations.